Posted: Aug 2, 2021

Student Trainee - CDL Bus Operator (Temporary)

Salary: $12.50 Hourly
Application Deadline: Oct 31, 2021

Sign On Bonus offered - inquire with Human Resources for details.




This is an entry-level Temporary Student Trainee - CDL Bus Operator, (Student Trainee) position intended for individuals without a CDL and/or Passenger Endorsement. The Student Trainee will participate in the CDL Bus Operator with Passenger Endorsement Training Program, (Training Program), which includes both classroom and hands-on training. The Training Program is intended to provide the essential skills and knowledge required to operate a public transit bus safely and independently upon program completion. The Student Trainee will be required to obtain a Commercial Learner's Permit during the training, and the CDL - C with P Endorsement license within the allowed time frame after receiving the Commercial Learner's Permit.


The purpose of this position is to develop and prepare Student Trainees for a regular position with FHATA as CDL Bus Operator. To successfully complete the program, Student Trainees must demonstrate proficiency and understanding in the following areas: Federal, State, City, and FHATA rules and regulations; inspections, reports and documentation; bus and passenger safety; customer service; FHATA routes and directions; and driving. Failure to demonstrate proficiency and understanding in all areas at designated evaluation points will result in removal from the Student Trainee Training Program.


Student Trainees will attend and who successfully complete the CDL Bus Operator with Passenger Endorsement Training Program will be taught to operate FHATA commercial passenger buses on scheduled routes across the Manhattan urban area and provide professional customer service to passengers. The Student Trainee will learn and adhere to all safety and traffic rules, agency regulations, policies, and procedures to ensure the well-being of FHATA customers, employees, public, and themselves. Student Trainees must be able to demonstrate their acquired skills and knowledge through the successful passing of examinations and practical demonstrations at points throughout the Training Program. Student Trainee is a safety sensitive position subject to the rules and regulations of the Federal Transit Administration, Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas Department of Revenue, and FHATA's Drug and Alcohol Policy.



  • Inspect vehicles, and check gas, oil, and water levels prior to departure.
  • Conduct pre-trip inspections of the vehicles two times a day, every day of operation.
  • Make pick-ups and deliveries as routed by the dispatcher, operating the vehicles in a safe and careful manner with due regard to traffic and the use of the roadway by others.
  • Park vehicle in designated loading areas so that riders can board.
  • Collect tickets or cash fares and keep in a safe place on Bus Operator’s person or a secure place on the bus and total daily receipts.
  • Utilize software through the use of a tablet device in the vehicle.
  • Report delays, accidents, or disruptive riders to the dispatcher.
  • Deal directly with the public to provide transportation services.
  • Advise riders to be seated and orderly while on vehicles.
  • Regulate heating, lighting, and ventilating systems for passenger comfort.
  • Wear seat belt at all times and instruct riders to wear seat belts.
  • Strictly observe all traffic rules and other applicable laws and regulations at all times.
  • Maintain the interior as directed by FHATA policy.
  • Keep the bus locked at all times when unattended.
  • Adhere to KDOT regulations when riders using wheelchairs are boarding or exiting.


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